Floating PV System

Floating PV system

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Photovoltaic power station (Commercial use) :
A commercial power which sells electricity produced to KEPCO

RPS(Renewable Portpolio Standard)System?
The system is a legally mandated system that a certain scale of a power generation company should supply a part of electricity produced as renewable energy, enforced as of January 1, 2012.
The amount of transfer is determined by the Renewable Energy Certificate(REC)
Penalties are imposed on the amount of non-compliance with the obligation for the year (within 150% of the average transaction price)
Renewable Energy Certificate(REC)
Certificate (1REC = 1MW) proving that energy has been supplied by using renewable energy

PV revenue source

  • SMP Sales
    (Power Generation x System Marginal Price)
  • Supply Certificate (REC) Sales
    (Generation x Bid x Weight)
  • Net investment return(bank interest rate)
     : 7~11% (difference in yields by capacity and site)

Potential of a Floating PV systemin the Domestic Market

the potential scale of a Floating PV systemin the domestic market

The demand of a Floating PV systemin the domestic, overseas markets is expected to increase continuously following the implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan of the Paris Convention on Climate Change in 2015.
The total potential scale of floating photovoltaic power generation systems in the domestic market is 5,304MW ; the potential is very high. The possibility of the Floating PV systemthat will extend renewable energy and that will replace the national land will grow according to the status of technology development.

Concept map of SCOTRA Floating Photovoltaic Power Generation System

[Picture: Concept map of SCOTRA Floating PV system]

A floating photovoltaic power generation s installed above the water surface without using existing farmland or forest land is composed of a renewable energy source mooring device, a buoyant body, a superstructure, and a photovoltaic power generation facility.