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Features of SCOTRA Floating PV System

The SCOTRA Floating PV System is a system that combines a lower PE buoyant body with an upper frame structure and is designed in a modular shape that allows power generation capacity to be adjusted in various ways. It is a system considering various water conditions including inland water (including dams, reservoirs), sea, water intake tanks, etc.

  • Structural safety
    The most important buoyant body in the Floating PV System (multi-room buoyant) is manufactured and installed under its own quality control. The superstructure is a frame type using high strength and high corrosion resistance steels.
  • Mooring safety
    It is possible to actively respond to dams, reservoirs, and marine environments by applying the special mooring system of SCOTRA Co., Ltd.
  • Power generation efficiency
    Power generation efficiency was designed to the maximum according to a water surface cooling effect by maximizing the water surface opening area
  • Eco-friendly system
    As a result of the implement of [Environmental Impact Assessment of Floating PV System for Hapcheon Dam in 2014], the ecological preservation was proven to be excellent. Full recycling is possible after 20 years of use

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